4 Staffing Industries Trend to be Seen in 2022

Post the pandemic, the staffing sector has had to adapt to various changes to meet the demands of the present day’s labor market and environment. One of the topmost challenges has been the requirement to switch to remote work says, Mr. Mahajan. Even now, with the worst impacts of the pandemic seemingly behind us, several businesses are still using remote work or a hybrid method to keep things moving. Virtual interviewing is surely one aspect that companies can expect to remain for the years ahead.

To stay abreast, each business must keep pace with present trends. A big question now for plenty of staffing agencies is what changes lie simply around the corner in this post-pandemic world?

Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services India’s top staffing company shares insights that would possibly be the trends to be seen in the staffing industries in the year 2022.

Virtual Hiring

The use of virtual hiring was already boosting before the pandemic struck, but the pandemic has provided a serious boost to it. Presently, it is the primary recruiting approach for a lot of businesses, involving not simply the search for candidates online but also virtual interviews and virtual onboarding procedures. It is proven to be impactful for both employers and employees, letting the recruitment process be speeded up, streamlined, simplified.

It is expected this trend to continue and become even more visible in 2022. Staffing agencies that are able to adapt and improve on their virtual hiring process are certain to gain an advantage over their slower-moving rivals.

Remote Work

Just like virtual hiring, remote work seems to be another change that is here to stay. Even as several offices reopen, the benefits of a hybrid method seem readily apparent. Employers are able to save money on office space and supervision, while employees can have a greater sense of independence by working from home. However, it is unlikely to become the primary mode to work. Several companies still require plenty of staff to be on-site and there are still fears lurking around employee time theft. Thus, those working from home (either part or full-time) will likely just make up a quarter of the workforce.

Based on what industry your staffing agency mainly focuses on, you will want to keep a close watch on what their approach to remote work is. If it seems as though it will become more prevalent, then you will need to facilitate your remote talent hiring and retention in 2022.

Social Media Hiring

The way recruitment teams go about searching candidates is presently going through something of an evolution. Currently, social media is a big part of our lives, lets us to communicate, express opinions, and search for career opportunities. One survey also found that around 78% of recruiters have started expanding their search for employees beyond traditional sites such as LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, or Indeed. They are now also using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites to search for the right people. This is proving to be a top way to reach younger age groups, Generation Z specifically.

The use of social media for hiring is possibly to grow with each passing year. Having a strong social media presence for your company is also a good method to develop your branding and marketing more impactfully. Staffing agencies that use this to the maximum are certain to stand out from the competition.

Diversity and Inclusion

Since remote work is widespread, diversity levels have also increased. Employees are now being hired depending on their skills and knowledge rather than their geographical location. A workforce that is diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and gender will have a broader number of viewpoints to draw on, making them less biased and more adaptable to changes. It also seems good for organizations that want to show they take things such as diversity, inclusion, and equality very seriously.

This is quite a big thing for employers and employees these days. Every business needs to commit to diversity and inclusion. Candidates will be more attracted to join your company if they see this as one of your business policies. Clients will also favor those companies that have taken a committed approach to this.

Final Words

The crucial thing for any staffing organization that wants to keep up with current trends is to take a proactive approach. Devote time to check at how your clients’ requirements might be changing and how you can more impactfully meet those needs. Identify what potential candidates are looking for and why they may be drawn to work for your company.

Effective recruiting these days also needs to be able to leverage technology to your benefit. AI, automated recruiting, and integrated tracking systems can make your job a whole lot simpler and more effective.

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