Strategic Staffing-Staffing Made Simple for a New Age Industry

Businesses worldwide have had to rethink hiring and staffing strategies in the midst of the global pandemic and the subsequent relaxation of restrictions. India’s staffing service sector saw a 3.6% growth during the fiscal year 2020-2021, which was driven by recovery during the fourth quarter of the year 2020. As per the data from the Indian Staffing Federation, workers were supported by the flexi-employment market trends after the pandemic.

Mr. Mahajan says the report saw growth in temporary staffing in the sectors of IT staffing, e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing. This was irrespective of the effect of the pandemic. Given that most establishments have pivoted to temporary staffing depending on their requirements, strategic staffing might be the way ahead in a post-pandemic world.

This blog by Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services, India’s top manpower outsourcing services providers talks about strategic staffing.

Strategic Staffing

Strategic staffing cites to a human resource strategy where establishments hire a small number of full-time staff and use temporary workers in other highly specific posts and needs specific skills. HR managers who take responsibility for this should ensure that the establishment has proper manpower to meet organizational needs and make sure that performance is not impacted.

HR managers need to ensure a balance between permanent employees and those who are a section of a strategic staffing initiative. Managers should also have the foresight to have SOPs in place to meet future staffing requirements in place and meet their signification if they arise. This process could also be effectively outsourced to a staffing agency.

Strategic Staffing – Reformulate Model

As per the ASSOCHAM report, the gig sector in India is supposed to increase to USD 455 billion at a CAGR of 17% by the year 2024. Another forecast says India will likely have 350 million gig jobs by 2025. Presently, India has a pool of around 15 million freelance workers staffed in several and sectors across IT, HR, and design. The Indian workforce is also increasing by approximately 4 million people each year, several of them showing a preference for gig-based contracts and opportunities due to the reasons like:

·       The rise of start-ups

·       The emergence of freelancing platforms

·       The boost in contract hires

·       The pandemic

·       Changing lifestyles

This is where strategic staffing could be advantageous to specific organizations looking to fill positions with certain skillsets with contract staffing.

Strategic Staffing Made Simple

If companies prefer to handle strategic staffing initiatives in-house, here are certain simple steps to get started.

·       Determine organizational requirements and resources

·       Communicate with the HR division with regards to requirements and allocation of company resources

·       Invest for training and development for new hires

Employee retention is a crucial task that organizations should follow. This lets organizations retain employees who were earlier hired on a temporary or contract basis and provide their positions within the same establishment on a permanent basis.

Benefits of Strategic Staffing

Some of the benefits of strategic staffing include the following:

·       Employee or staff management could be more simply aligned having marketplace changes and requirements.

·       Hiring new talent becomes simpler, and it also lets for their development for higher and more impactful roles within an organization.

·       Strategic staffing assists foster a diverse workforce and allowing staff or teams to realize their potential.

·       The impact of HR services inside an organization could be enhanced with the assistance of strategic staffing. Outsourcing this task to staffing services could help direct resources earlier used by HR to other aspects that require improvement.

·       Start-ups and smaller businesses benefit greatly from strategic staffing, given the lack of resources and need for workers with certain skill sets and qualifications.

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