Migrating Your Payroll? All You Need to Know

The term payroll has come to mean more than merely the list of employees in an establishment and the payment of their employees. Today, the word is linked with several tasks, including the calculation, recording, and eventual automation of employee salaries, perks or bonuses, incentives, benefits, taxation, and attendance processing. It also includes employees who may be both full-time and employees who may be part of a contract or temporary arrangements.

Data by the IMARC group estimated the global payroll outsourcing market to increase at a steady rate of 6% between the years 2021 and 2026, bearing in mind the effect of the pandemic and other factors.

Mr. Mahajan says that outsourcing payroll services are now a permanent feature, given the higher need for effectiveness in competitive marketplaces and sectors. It frees up resources for establishments to improve their overall efficiency and the quality of their services and products. As per one PwC report, companies that manage payroll-related works spend around 18% more compared to companies that outsource them, implying that outsourcing would be the way ahead.

However, there could be times when organizations have to make tough choices when relationships with payroll partners might not be as conducive, productive, and even inconvenient. At those moments it could be beneficial to migrate payroll services. Here in the blog Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services (TFTS) India’s top Payroll Services providers for leading corporates is talking about certain factors to think about and aspects needed to change payroll services.

Let us read further what Mr. Mahajan has to say on this issue.


Accessibility to critical payroll services is vital in determining future relationships with a client establishment. The expense of operational failure of the software could be huge. Therefore, organizations must look to switch over to more reliable, quality, user-friendly ones.


Compliance and legal parts are another important reason organizations should consider while changing over to new payroll providers. For example, establishments that operate remotely might opt to work remotely. Therefore, all related assignments, including employment and payroll processing, ought to be handled by a staffing agency and payroll services within that premises, including handling each compliance-related task varying from statutory to labor law and regulatory compliance.

Time and Cost

An important factor determining organizations changing payroll vendors is time and cost to the business. Given that the world marketplace is lot more competitive and establishments are struggling to survive in the wake of the ongoing pandemic disrupting the mode of work, switching over to a payroll outsourcing company could make sure that organizations might pay less and spend less time on payroll-related works. Businesses have also switched to outsourcing other works like staffing solutions to save on both time and cost.

Relationship and Reputation

Given that businesses have several options to opt from related to the payroll vendors, they are generally, spoilt for choice. Organizations have to ensure that their payroll vendors are trusted, reputed as well as foster a good association with them. Given that the reputation of a payroll organization and a client are symbiotic, establishments can look at this point as a strategic investment for their overall growth.

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