How Manpower Outsourcing Can Deliver High Returns for Indian Manufacturer in 2021-22?

TFTS Manpower supply company

Today almost every manufacturer in India is facing challenges in form of in-consistent demands due to local and global uncertainties like a pandemic, changes of political ties that are affecting their international market and fluctuation of raw material and freight cost that is hitting their bottom line margins. To fight all these challenges, it’s necessary to bring some flexibility to operational cost and that here where manpower outsourcing helps.

In this blog, Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services (TFTS), which is India’s leading manpower supplier to manufactures located in Mahindra SEZ (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India), SIIDCUL (Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, India) and NH 8 (Dharuhera, Haryana) share some insight on their manpower outsourcing is helping some country’s top manufactures.

1.       Optimize the Cost of Labour

A significant benefit of opting for a manpower outsourcing agency is that it reduces the cost of employees. Our experts at TFTS are proficient in the effective requirement, 2-3 layers of employee background check and does payroll management, deposits taxes, provident fund management, and other employee administration services. This saves a large portion of your fixed variable cost that goes on recruitment and employee and labour management.

2.       You Get Best Manpower

Manpower outsourcing company like TFTS has an in-house team of highly experienced recruiters, interviewers and trainers in more than one city in India. They ensure you can get the best talent for your organization, no matter in what part of India you might be located, TFTS’s recruitment infrastructure ensure you get the best manpower even if your manufacturing unit is located in new SEZ locations or in remote locations.

HR has the most crucial responsibility of bringing in potential talent that adds significant value to the organization. Finding the right talent on in-time without compromise is of utmost necessity to maintain a productive work environment in the organization and for profitability and growth in 2022.

3.       Manpower Flexibility

When you forecast a surge in demand or fear a drop in market sentiment, manpower outsourcing gives you the power to shorten or expand workforce without hassle in short time and stay competitive in global environment. Experts believe the flexibility of Indian manufacturing companies would rule their growth and would become a key determinant for winning the global market in the next decade.