For many business owners big or small and manpower outsourcing firms they always need interns and temporary employees. Managing these employees can be a really difficult task. Sometimes they are not experienced enough and certainly need more motivation.

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) which is India’s top manpower outsourcing and staffing company shares essential tips to be a better manager for your temporary employees.

Train Them

The front-end investment may look like a waste on a temporary employee it is your busy season and spending additional time training temporary employees to do their task may not be what you think you need to spend your time doing. However, it is your busy season you hired added help to make your business run as smooth as it can and to give your customers a better experience. Does not matter if it’s summer intern who’s a junior in college, with small work experience or an extra hand to manage the front of the house in your roadside restaurant, these employees represent your business and none of your customers will know their employee status. Customers will know if they had a good experience with your business. The upfront training expenses (of time and/or money) will be worth it to feel confident that your employees know what they require to do and your business will thrive due to this.

Set Expectations

Ensure that your new team members know what is expected out of them and what you both will gain by their time being while in the business. Many temporary employees are there just to make some money or gain some work experience, but if they know exactly what you will benefit from them being there and what you expect from their work, you will both be able to achieve your goals.

Create Motivation

Temporary employees and interns are not motivated by the same set of standards and goals as your permanent employees. They don’t have the same amount of skin in the game, nor do they have all of the benefits you may give your full-time employees. Depending on your business you can develop extra financial incentive, you can hold contests, or simply have their work recognized in front of the team. Finding the correct way to motivate your temporary employees is just as important and motivating the rest of your employees, and can help your business growth.

Include Them In Team Meetings

There is nothing worse than feeling excluded or that you’re not contributing. This is an action that takes hardly any effort on your part and can make a world of difference for your employees. This is particularly, important for a temporary employee who is coming to work at your company to work.

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