Four Things Recruiters Need to Know

In the war for talent raging presently, the recruiter is undoubtedly the organization’s most valuable asset.  Why?  The recruiter is assigned with wading through the talent pool and searching for the talent that will best assist the company and further the goals of the business.

But this is not easy, says Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services (TFTS) India’s leading HR recruitment organization. In fact, it is getting lot difficult as the days and months continue to pass. 

This blog further talks about four things that recruiters need to know.

Technology is the Recruiter’s Ally

Before we discuss the things let us acknowledge that technology has captured almost every part of the business and that includes human resources.  For a recruiter, technology is a big competitive advantage.  It can exponentially speed up the process while also positively affecting its efficacy.  Recruiters not adopting technology as part of the job run a broader risk of seeing job candidates opting to work for a competitor company.

All of that being said, here are the important things every recruiter needs to know to find the best talents possible.

Recruiting is Market

As per Alabama Media Group, around 86% of HR professionals believe recruitment is becoming just like marketing. The modern recruiter is not simply a good recruiter, but proficient also at marketing whether it is through social media or some other technology.  It also says, “Organizations believe social media marketing will be the most in-demand requirement for recruitment, followed by data analysis and modeling skills.  Mastering the use of social media assists recruiters to build strong employer brands as well as the consumer brand.

Monitor Candidate Data

HR is a lot more data-driven these days.  The same can be said for recruiting.  Tracking or monitoring applicants is a no-brainer thus bringing into attention the need for a robust applicant tracking system.  A recruiter has to be able to see how a job candidate came in contact with the organization?  This happens in a multitude of methods whether it is through the organization’s website or through social media.  In either case, this lets for a recruiter to focus his or her efforts on the location that presents the best candidates.

Use Automation Tools

Recruiters have plenty on their plates.  Most have to schedule interviews with candidates, track where they are in the process, and of course, keep communicating with them at every possible stage. Not all of this task has to be done by the recruiter.  Automation or AI can manage some of the more mundane, time-consuming procedures.  Scheduling is a good example.  Some scheduling tools provide the applicants the ability to make their own appointments on recruiters’ calendars.

Know the Business

A good recruiter knows intently about each business unit and its requirements.  It is important for a recruiter to stay on top of what the organization is doing and how it is doing it.  It is equally essential to understand the trends happening within the industry and being able to read the future. These assists attract and hire the right talent now, but it also assists target and focuses the future recruitment requirement of the company.

Final Views

There was a time when recruiting used to happen almost under a veil of secrecy.  Not that recruiting is secretive, but like a television news crew, the work is actually done ‘behind the scenes. However, the world is changing and now recruiting is very much in the open.  Embracing that and the four topics mentioned above lets for some easing of the day-to-day job responsibilities and some strengthening of the ability to hire the best and brightest talents for the company.  Recruiting isn’t easy, but can be rewarding.

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