Three New HR Career Paths for 2021 and Years to Come

With all of the effects COVID-19 has had on the daily workplace, it is not surprising that the HR function has transformed completely. And as companies begin to transition to hybrid workplaces, the role of HR professionals will further continue to evolve.

So looking ahead, in this blog Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services (TFTS) India’s top HR company talks about what three new HR career paths can we expect to see?

Here are some of the roles, HR teams will start hiring for in the year 2021 and beyond that.

Work from Home (WFH) Facilitator

Post working remotely for over a year and a half, several employees never wish to go back to the office full-time. In fact, in the US 30% of workers are willing to quit their jobs if they have to go to the office 5 days a week. One may see a similar trend in India too. Mainly, because of its thick population.

To accommodate them, around 80% of companies plan on letting them continue working from home at least part-time. Whether organizations are still fully remote or managing hybrid workforces, this is where a new HR role emerges: the WFH Facilitator.

As the WFH Facilitator, this individual will be in charge of all the things related to remote work. From managing a remote company culture to running internal communications, the WFH Facilitator will assist keep employees engaged and, in the loop, —irrespective of where they are located. They will be in charge of onboarding remote workers, hosting virtual events, and assisting those working from home in any manner that they can. If you have a hybrid workforce, this individual will also be responsible for supporting remote employees to feel connected to those who are in the office.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE and I) Co-Ordinator

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are becoming increasingly vital in the HR industry—so important that some HR teams will begin hiring a designated person to run all initiatives: the DE&I Coordinator.

To assist build a diverse workforce, the DE&I Coordinator will work closely with the recruiter to improve diversity recruiting. If your organization has Employee Resource Groups, this person will assist them coordinate events, recruit other workers to join, and host informational sessions to educate the remaining of your workforce. When it comes to employee activism, the DE&I Coordinator will also concentrate on creating safe spaces and maintaining a culture that motivates employees to share what is on their minds. To gain feedback from workers, they will carry out pulse surveys, conduct open forums, and host fireside chats with other business leaders.

Director of Employee Well Being

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on mental health. Several surveys have already shown that adults have experienced anxiety and stress related to COVID-19.

With that said, employee wellbeing should be a priority for HR teams. To adequately support employees, some companies are finding that running wellness initiatives here and there is just not enough—which brings us to the next new HR role: Director of Employee Wellbeing.

The Director of Employee Wellbeing will be accountable for spearheading all company wellness initiatives. They will be in charge of researching and pitching wellness benefits, like the virtual mental health services and Employee Assistance Programs. All year-round, they will constantly check in with employees, provide wellness tips, and run informational sessions. Since managers work with employees on a regular basis, they will also conduct regular training sessions on how to assess other person’s mental health, assist employees in several ways, and eventually, break the stigma in the workplace.

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