Leading or handling a team in any organization or manpower firm can be inspiring, rewarding, and exhausting. The busy working atmosphere can leave little time for team leaders to check-in with team members and make sure they are feeling happy, creative, and are on track.

With good communication sources and plenty of opportunities to give feedback, you can provide your team with an effective support system. By this, team leaders can develop accountability, trust, and a less hierarchical approach.

Here Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) India’s top manpower outsourcing company shares simple tips for effective team handling.

Be Transparent

The transparent working atmosphere has been found to make teams more accountable, happy, content and creative.

It sounds like a huge claim but transparent surroundings help to develop a feeling of mutual respect between team members and team leaders. Through open and consistent communication, transparent and authentic organizations or manpower firms help employees to feel secure in their positions. In turn, team members feel easy to contribute ideas and suggestions, enhancing creativity.

Keep Communicating

You need to understand that the basis of a cooperative and productive team is good communication.

The idea is to create an atmosphere in which team leaders feel able to provide honest and constructive feedback, and team members feel confident to voice their views and communicate with each other.

For teams whose members work remotely, Google Hangouts can be an ideal way to ensure some face-to-face conversation takes place

If your team is working across time zones and you would like to set up a standing appointment for calls, it’s essential to find a time that works for everybody involved. By not always holding calls at improper times for the remote team member, they will be more open, honest and accurately communicate with you.

Provide Valuable Feedback

Providing feedback to your team members is one of the effective ways you can support them to enhance professionally and personally. Even if there is no negative feedback to give, make sure to hold regular opportunities to check-in. This way, you can provide suggestions on how you feel your team members are progressing and could grow further. If there are any areas of work that you feel needs to be improved, these discussions also provide a great opportunity to share your constructive feedback.

Encourage Collaboration

Inevitably, your teammates will be happier if they can gel well with one another. As a bonus, they’ll perform better too.

To get this, encourage your team members to collaborate. In your team, there will likely be a whole bunch of diverse skills. Make certain these different skillsets are utilized by making sure that everyone is aware of the ongoing projects. This way, team members can jump in to collaborate wherever they feel they can add value.

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