Top 5 Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2020

We have just entered into a New Year and the manpower outsourcing market goes abuzz on what is trending upwards this time around.

Ever-changing technology sets 2019 as an extensively challenging year for manpower outsourcing firms and human resources management. Employee interactions will become more dominant for HR professionals at the workplace. Employee engagement would be more impactful for HR functions keeping in mind the various perspective and propensity of the employees. HR technologies are quickly improving with time while statistical transformations will keep you at the competitive edge this year as automation will take over.

In this blog, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), which is India’s leading manpower outsourcing and human resources company shares Top 5 human resources trends to watch in 2020. Here they are:

1.      Evolving Technology

Technology plays a big role in manpower outsourcing and human resources development. HR Technology continues to improve with a change in human resources. Technology gives ease to carry out on-demand employee development programs. It assists to keep pace with next evolution in growing investments workforce talent planning. Technology proves to be a tandem in predictive modeling of learning and development for HR organization and manpower outsourcing firms.

2.      Talent Acquisition Changes

Performance related reviews would be based on annual reviews and feedback. Performance and feedback coaching will improve employee retention consistently. Transparency seems to play a major role in talent acquisition.

HR Softwares would be considered for feedback technology by HR service providers. HR Software would establish a two-way communication for swift action

Adopting HR technologies should work sideways with human interactions as a must in recruitment management systems.

3.      Digital Marketing Will Take Over

As the workforce continues to increase, outsourcing firms and HR managers need to implement new platforms with advanced analytics. It could be communication, performance management, feedback survey platforms and many more.

Automated approach largely reduces HR system complexities and gives HR organizations a drift. The time available through automation could be used to partner with people, business towards a better employee experience and relationship.

4.      Teamwork Will Grab The Forefront

Productive and effective team play is one thing you need to build irrespective of what industry you work in.  There is a basic requirement of clear communication and being supportive at work. Commitment to appreciate others opinions and perspectives will be what it takes to be a committed member of the group. Accountability is one factor which also goes with the flow.

While the events and activities are one popular improvement in the workplace culture, there are many ways to maintain connections at work. Teamwork is one way that had acquired the forefront of progress since last year. Organizational structure is another important aspect of boosting team structure and to maintain employees’ mutual connections inside the workplace.

5.      Data Analytics

To set up a skilled workforce to keep pace with the talent industry increase sourcing diversity and emphasis is laid on the candidate expertise. 3 years ago, industries recruited for selected talent with analytics reflecting a rise in economic competition. Few skills were noticed to be in demand. With talent market consolidation the organizations and manpower outsourcing firms would be diversifying their sourcing plan of action. With this organization will focus on delivering a formidable candidate and employee experience.

As digitization will steadily take over in the coming years, Data analytics will assist in predictive analytics for better proactive modeling and decision-making.

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