Becoming a manager is a choice just like as deciding a profession you want to study in school. It needs learning new skills and taking on various responsibilities. As much as you would all love to think every manager has the best of motives, you still often end up with bad managers around us.

Usually, the signs are all around you when someone is not fit to become a manager, yet it is simple for them to take the job anyway due to money, prestige, or inevitability because they have been around for long time.

Today in this article Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) which is India’s Top Manpower Outsourcing company shares signs one should not be a manager. Promote your team members with caution.

You Do It For Money, Not The Job

At several organizations and manpower outsourcing companies, the sole way to keep getting raises and climb through your career is to move into management.  This puts pressure on people to consider management even if somebody is not excited about the prospects of becoming a manager. While money is key to be part of anyone’s work motivation, this is a big warning sign you might be taking a bad manager choice if their top motive is such.

You Do Not Like Dealing With People

Not everyone wants to spend their time helping fix other people’s issues, listening to the problems of others and developing team or individual.  If they are not eager to do those things, they might shouldn’t be a manager.

You Do Not Have Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is the idea that any skill is learnable. No one is simply a natural and others doomed to never excel at it.  It takes hard work and determination, but with effort, anyone can learn and improve a skill.

Your best employees will always have a growth mindset, learning new skills often. Promoting anybody with the opposite mindset a fixed mindset) is a dangerous risk.  Their attitudes not only impact them but their teams.

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