4 Ways to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills

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One of the truths of moving ahead in your career, whether it is moving up the ladder within an organization, switching fields, or pursuing new opportunities in another organization, is that the higher up you climb on the organizational chart, the more probably it is that leadership and management will become vital cogs of your job responsibilities. For the ones who have spent years as individual contributors, or probably overseeing one or two other people, making the leap to a management or supervisory role introduces a complete set of new challenges, and they might feel in over their heads.

If you see yourself in this position, you may be wondering how to form leadership skills to get you up to ante and able to do your new tasks to the finest of your ability. While becoming a good manager and leader needs time and experience, there are certain things you can do to enhance your leadership and management skills straight away positioning you for better success in your new role.

Find a mentor

No way self-learning is important. But when you get an able mentor, things are a lot easier to understand the nuances perfectly. Whether your workplaces provide formalized mentorship programs or not, it might be useful for you to seek guidance from an experienced manager who is able to serve as a sounding board for you when problems arise and provide wisdom from their own past experiences. These can be individuals within your own organization (like the senior management, or a supervisor) or trusted friends who work elsewhere.

Read a lot

While formal education is a wonderful choice for those searching to build their leadership and management skills, self-education is a great alternative for brushing up on certain skills, learning new theories, and techniques, and keeping up to date on the latest market trends. Dedicating an hour or so per day to reading management-focused articles, international business reviews, management theory books, and watching discussions, webinars, or videos is a top way to keep your skills updated and learn something new.

Identify the aspects, you need to improve

Everyone has things about themselves that people would like to improve on, particularly, when it comes to how you interact with others. If you are striving to become a top manager, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of what those aspects are, and actively work to improve them. Perhaps you would like to be a better communicator or find it difficult to address team issues. Once you have identified what it is you would like to work on, search for ways to practice every day in low-stakes situations, such as deciding which route you are going to take home post-work.

Study several leadership and management styles

Spend some time looking for different leadership styles and decide which one you are most adept with the most – this will assist you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. The finest of leaders know how to tap into those strengths, and how to draw on other leadership methods to compensate for zones of weakness.


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