How to Develop Proactive Leadership in the organization?

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Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) Shares Key Tips

In today’s fast, competitive and global business world, your workforce being proactive is the key to being productive, efficient, and systematic because a proactive employee or manager is one, who has already established precautionary steps for any eventual circumstance.

Being proactive at the workplace means that the employee prepares for action before it happens. They don’t wait for a situation to take place and then behave reactively. In today’s blog India’s leading manpower outsourcing company, TFTS shares a few steps that leaders can use to encourage their staff to become proactive.

1.       Encourage employees to develop a set of values that they should follow:

Encourage employees to develop core values at work, they must understand them, and follow them at all times. These core values serve as an anchor when employees begin to feel adrift and clueless when facing professional challenges. These values also become the compass that helps employees to direct their steps on the right path.

 2.       Encourage employees to look for the bigger picture:

Good judgemental powers cannot be achieved if people live with mental and emotional distractions and fails to see things with their personal myopia or biases. Thus, encourage the workforce to see the bigger picture before they make judgments and conclusions.

3.       Encourage and guide employees and managers to communicate clearly and effectively:

Communication is not about who shouts, speaks loudly, or who can talk the longest. It’s about getting your message across to as many people as you can and making sure they hear and understand you clearly. Remember a poor and broken line of communication can ruin the best of the best business plans and strategies in an organization. Thus, encourage and train your workforce to improve their communication skills.

4.       Encourage employees to follow up:

Proactive employees never assume tasks just because they planned it well and delegated it efficiently. Hence encourage your workforce to build the habit to do follow-ups effectively. It also helps the workforce to remain abreast of events so you can make necessary changes as the need arises.

5.       Encourage your workforce to prioritize:

In today’s multitasking work environment, good employees must learn to prioritize, or else they may end up bouncing from one task to another, may show a drop in quality of work and personally, they may end up getting stressed. Hence, encourage your workforce to prioritize things, appreciate and guide them that it’s also okay to limit their focus on those essential things first, and stick primarily to their daily schedule.

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