Things a Good Boiler Operator Must Possess

Boiler operators have to do a range of tasks involved in the daily operation and maintenance of boilers. They make sure appropriate fuel delivery to keep the boiler working. Boiler operators need to devote a significant amount of time to monitor meters and gauges to keep maintain fuel, chemical, and water levels, adjusting the levels as needed.

Mr Mahajan says a boiler operator’s job needs precision.

Here Mr Atul Mahajan, Director of Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services which is leading manpower, boiler operator’s supplier in Rudrapur, Siidcul, Dharuhera, and Mahindra SEZ shares insights on things a good boiler operator must possess.

Here are certain skills that an efficient boiler operator must-have.


Communication is key while trying to convey things to others specifically in a high-pressure scenario.

·       Speak clearly so other workers can understand.

·       Understand spoken information.

·       Listen to other technicians and ask questions.

·       Understand written information.

·       Read and understand work-related manuals.

·       Write clearly so others can understand.

Reason and Problem Solve

Technical glitches can happen at any time. Thus, sound knowledge to manage and resolve those issues is important.

·       See when something is wrong or is about to go wrong.

·       Analyze solutions and use logic to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

·       Follow guidelines to arrange things or actions in a specific order.

·       Use proper reasoning to get answers to problems.

·       Combine multiple pieces of information and draw conclusions.

·       Identify the root cause of a problem.

·       Understand the latest information or materials by researching and working with them.

·       Be focused and not be distracted while doing a task.

·       Form rules that group things in certain ways.

·       Judge the expenses and benefits of possible action.

Manage Oneself, People, Time, and Things

·       Check how efficiently you and others are learning or doing the task.

Work with Things

·       Monitor gauges, dials, and output to make certain a machine is working efficiently.

·       Operate and control mechanisms.

·       Inspect and analyze the quality of products.

·       Identify the causes of technical issues and fix solutions for them.

·       Maintain mechanisms on a daily basis. Decide when and what sort of maintenance is required.

·       Repair periodically machines or systems.

The boiler operator’s job is a crucial one for your business. Thus, compromising on efficiency could produce unpleasant results. One solution is to always hire qualified and licensed boiler operators at your plant.

Getting a licensed boiler operator often is a challenge specifically if you need it for a short period of time. This is where TFTS could be your ally. TFTS has had a reputation for providing the finest of boiler operator professionals in India for several decades now. TFTS has successfully deputed several boiler operator professionals across various Govt, PSU, MSME, and SME companies in India.

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