Reasons Indian Companies Should Outsource their Specialized Staffing

The company that is driven by specialized staffing like – hospitality, manufacturing, retail and others, their profitability and level of competitiveness depends largely on their employees. So much so that conventional management think that recruiting and hiring is best-done in-house. But in today’s geographically diversified market, unequal supply of trained staffs in non-metropolitan cities, and requirement of fast shift in development and service chain – how a company can stay competitive, profitable and get the best staff with least expenditure and resource allocation on recruiting?

The answer is the outsourcing of specialized staffing says Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of TFTS (Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services Pvt Ltd), which is India’s leading specialized staff outsourcing company. Mr. Mahajan, adds that staff outsourcing hold unparallel benefits for any organizations in India, like: –

Manufacturing Location:

In India due to factors like tax saving, better logistics, availability of land for a large operation, government support etc, generally manufacturing units are located in special economic zones that can be rural or semi—rural locations. In such locations, there is generally a shortage of specialized staffs. The manufacturing units work on strict cost management rules, therefore they need most cost effective solutions that can meet their specialised needs. Outsourcing in such situation is not only a cost effective way but also more efficient.

Staffoutsourcing companies fill this gap for these manufacturing companies. Staff outsourcing companies holds team of specialized and trained requirement people, who are specialized in searching and selecting the right people – Says Atul Mahajan, whose company currently supplies the biggest manpower of specialised services such as welders to manufacturing units in Rudrapur, Haridwar and other parts of India


Highly selective hiring is a time-consuming process. When recruiting for an open position, a hiring manager first has to advertise for the job and then prepare to manage the influx of resumes that inevitably follows. In fact, for a single open position, a hiring manager might have a couple hundred resumes to sift through. The hiring process doesn’t end there, however. The manager must then coordinate and conduct interviews, check references, and complete drug screens and background checks. For a busy hiring manager with other responsibilities on his plate, this process is often overwhelming. Outsourcing staffing needs saves hiring managers and HR staff valuable time to focus on their other job responsibilities by allowing an experienced recruiter to weed out resumes and present them only with top talent who have successfully completed the screening process.

Top-Notch Talent:

Staffing company recruiters’ primary job responsibility is to locate top talent for your open position. They can focus exclusively on recruiting, interviewing, screening, and vetting quality candidates– a luxury often not afforded to busy hiring managers. Thus, outsourced staffing typically results in increased candidate quality– which then leads to a boost in productivity, morale, and employee retention for your organization.

Lower Employment Costs: 

Transferring employees to a staffing company’s payroll can also, help to reduce company’s permanent employment costs.

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