Recruitment Strategies to Implement if You are Planning to Hire Employees for a Start-Up

Recruiting is never easy. Specifically, when you are looking to hire the finest of talents that can serve as an asset for your startup. A good set of employees assures the smooth functioning of your new company.

Through this blog, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of TFTS (Trendsetters Facilities and Technical Services) India’s leading manpower outsourcing company shares some recruitment strategies to implement if you looking t hire employees for a startup.

Treat Your Applicants Properly

When you get a high-quality lead, call them immediately because high caliber applicants are always in high demand. Prioritize those applicants, impress them and provide them a great hiring experience.

Recruitment is one of the most essential areas that you need to address because every new employee you hire for your startup can move it forward rapidly, slow it down, or push it backward.

Plan about the Cost or Benefit Before you Hire

Before you begin recruiting, you should know how much a new hire will cost your firm and what benefits it will bring.

For your cost computation, include the following:

·       Hiring Cost

·       Salary

·       Benefits

·       Taxes

·       Equipment

·       Space

·       Onboarding

·       Training

To identify out the benefits of this hire, include further:

·       Sales

·       Expansion

·       Relief

·       Development

The new employee you will be hiring requires to be able to lend value to your organization. Since your startup is small and will be growing, it is essential to bring in resources that can provide tangible value for the company in a timeline that makes sense.

Use Content

Each of your existing employees will have an area of expertise which they can share with your industry to attract potential talents. For example, they can write a short article regarding the new technology you are working on and post it as a blog or in any social media platform. They can tweet short stories of wisdom, or answer questions on Quora.

You can also, provide your potential employees a glance at your company culture through videos and photos you share on social media. This will provide the candidate a chance to learn about your team and a vision of what it would be like to be part of your organization.

Look for Previous Experience from Start-Ups

Startups require employees who can work in a fast-paced atmosphere with little to no supervision and interference. They must be able to learn rapidly and juggle between changing priorities and responsibilities.

Candidates having prior experience working in a startup will be well equipped to cope and adapt to a fast-paced startup atmosphere than someone who has been working in a corporate for years.

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