5 Smart Ways For Giving Negative Feedback To Your Employees

Praising your employees for good performance is easy, but what about that time when someone in your team needs a shock treatment more than a pat on the back.

In that scenario, you will need to provide some negative feedback and do it without demoralizing or demotivating the other person. This post explains exactly how to undertake this.

Before we begin, we need to know as a manpower outsourcing organization though, it is important to remember that the aim of feedback is not to tell people what to do or how to do it. That is mistaking the process for the aim.

The real aim of feedback even the negative feedback is to improve the behavior of the other person to bring out the optimal in your whole organization.

Today, Mr. Atul Mahjan, Director, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) which is India’s leading manpower outsourcing company shares 5 smart ways for giving negative feedback to your employees. Here they are:

1.      Always Begin With An Honest Compliment

Giving compliments to your employee starts a feedback session on the right way. Effective feedback targets on the positive while still identifying areas for further growth, improvements and better results.

2.      Make Negative Feedback Different

When a work atmosphere becomes filled with constant criticism and complaint, many employees stop caring, because they know whatever they will be doing they will be criticized only. Manpower outsourcing managers need to understand the importance of making good use of negative feedback.

3.      Try To Listen Before You Speak

Many employees cannot learn unless they first feel that they need to be heard out. Being an outsourcing manager or people manager you need to focus on this aspect. Effective feedback means paying attention and giving top quality feedback from an understanding position, stepping into the other person’s shoes, appreciating their experience, and helping to move that person into a learning path.

4.      Coach The Behaviors You Would Prefer To See

Negative feedback is worthless without a blueprint for how to become better. Because simply telling the employee what to do or which way to do it is generally a waste of time.

Instead, try using the true coaching method, which is based upon the principles of what top sports coaches do.

5.      Ask Questions That Motivates Self-Evaluation

Many of the time, employees know where they are facing problems and may even have good ideas about how to improve. Asking them questions like How could we have done better? and What do you think could be used for improvements? It involves the other person in building a shared plan.

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