5 Tips to Effectively Manage Outsourced Creative Talent

Outsourced manpower creative talent can be a bit complicated to manage, particularly creative kinds, who have unique personalities and peculiar character traits that demands a flexible management style.

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) stresses the importance of effectively managing the outsourcing manpower of creative talent. Here are 5 Tips to Effectively Manage Outsourced Creative Talent.

1.      Clear Communication:

It’s important that you set up clear communication channels with your outsourced manpower creative freelancer. Most communication will likely happen over e-mail; a fortnight or monthly call will help you provide constructive feedback or suggestion. In relationships based completely on e-mail communication, a sense of alienation may arise in the outsourced manpower talent, which could be the reason to lose interest.  By maintaining a human connection with your outsourced manpower talent, they will inherently care more about meeting your needs and not disappointing you.

Communication is important in project assignments. Nothing frustrates a creative talent more than vague directions. Vagaries of instructions will only lead to the creative talent having to re-do or make edits to a project, adding time to their duration and decreasing the cost per project for them. Though making edits is part of the work for any creative talent, you don’t want to be the bothersome client who always gives their outsourced manpower creative talent a tough time. So be clear in the beginning so your outsourced creative talent knows exactly what you want and how to do it for you.

2.      Treat Them As Your Own Employees:

Though, you are not able to pay or offer perks to outsourced manpower talent. Else ways you wouldn’t need to outsource in the first instance. You can make an attempt to include them as part of the team, particularly, for freelancers with whom you daily work.

For instance, if a freelancer stays local, invite them to a company party or get together. Wish them on birthdays and festivals when appropriate. These little and simple gestures will go a long way in boosting a relationship of mutual trust and respect with your creative talent who is a freelancer.

3.      Negotiate Itinerary, And Stick To It:

Many outsourced manpower creative talents evolve so for a reason, for instance, they don’t like the restrictions of the corporate workplace and prefer to be their own boss.

It is certainly, great for them. It’s also important that they meet deadlines and don’t ruin up the works. When you start working with a freelancer on a project be adjustable in negotiating the itinerary. But once the itinerary is fixed, be firm if deadlines are skipped.

4.      Respect Their Efforts:

As already mentioned, most outsourced manpower creative talents evolve as freelancers for a reason. Many creative talents place a high value on quality of life. One of the biggest issues is that an outsourced talent mostly checks out early in the day.

This will be a problem if they aren’t completing their task. Simply, because they don’t respond to e-mails after office hours is no reason to get offended if the task is already completed.

5.      Build Relationships:

It is surely possible for you not to be everyone’s friend, any attempt that you put towards building a relationship with your outsourced manpower creative talent will have a greater return in value. People work with determination for people they like. It’s that simple.

This doesn’t take much either. If you can refer your outsourced manpower creative talent to others and give them added work, in return you will win their loyalty. If you take them out for a cup of coffee occasionally or send them a greeting over the holidays, you will gain a lot more than what you have invested in an outsourced manpower creative talent.

Believe me, if you build a relationship with your outsourced manpower talent, missed deadlines, and poor quality work will never arise.

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